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Names(s): Aether or Aither or Acmon
Rules Over: Light, and Bright Upper Air of the Gods
Title: Upper Air
Gender: Male
Parents: Erebos and Nyx
Consort: Hemera
Other Significant Other(s): Gaea
Children Penthos, Poine, Lyssa, Pontus, Algos, Dolos, The Pseudologoi, Horkos, The Amphilogiai, Lethe, Hysmine, Aergia, The Nephelai, and Thalassa
Roman Name Ether

Aether was an elemental god of the upper air that the gods of Olympus breathe. He was the son of Erebos and Nyx.


Aether was the personification of the upper air, or the air of the gods. He was also the personification of the bright light that shone from his sister, Hemera, goddess of daylight.


According to legend, during the daytime, Aether's bright body shone all over the world. But at night, Nyx came out of her home in Tartarus and drew Erebos over Aether to cover him up. Erebos would make it night time and Aether would be covered up. After Nyx went back to her home, Hemera would emerge and scatter Erebos to let Aether show and let it be day again.



  • Aether is the air that the gods get to breathe.
  • His female counterpart is Theia, or sometimes called Aethre.
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