Agrius and Oreius

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Agrius and Oreius
Agrius and Oreius
Killed By:
Half-Human Half-Bear
Polyphonte and a bear
They are twin brothers

Agrius and Oreius (Αγριος & Ορειος) are twin brothers that are half-man and half-bear.



Aphrodite, the goddess of love, commanded that their mother Polyphonte, must marry. Polyphonte did not want to be married so she fled to the goddess Artemis. Artemis allowed her to join her hunters but that did not stop Aphrodite. She put her in a trance so that she was in love with a bear. She gave birth to the two monsters. Artemis, disgusted with Polyphonte, made all beasts against her. Polyphonte then fled to her fathers house with her two bear children.


From the second they were born, Zeus, King of the Gods hated them. He ordered Hermes to punish them. Hermes went to them and prepared to cut off their hands and feet, but Ares appeared and convinced him to do something different to the beasts.

Agrius was turned into a vulture. A bird hated by the gods and humans. They also gave him a strong craving for flesh and blood. He eventually became the symbol for Ares.

Oreius became an eagle owl, a bird that presents little good when it arrives to a mortal.

Their mother was turned into a small owl who is only heard at night. She doesn't eat or drink and she keeps her head pointed down and the tips of her feet up.

Their servant was changed into a woodpecker. While she was transforming, she prayed to the gods that she would not become an evil symbol. Hermes and Ares heard her prayers and decided that because she had done what was asked of her, she became a symbol of good omen to hunters.


  • Agrius in Greek means "the wild" or "savage one"
  • Oreius in Greek means "mountain man"
  • Agrius and Oreius do not support the gods or humans; they are against them both.


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