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Fan Art of Zeus (in the form of an Eagle) carrying away Aigina

Aigina was one of the daughters of Metope and Asopos. Zeus fell in love with her and transformed into the form of an Eagle. Zeus carried Aigina to an island which Zeus named after her.

In this case Aigina's father Asopos chased after them, his search took him to Korinth, where Sisyphus was king. Sisyphus informed Asopos that he had seen a great eagle carrying a maiden away to a nearby island. When Asopos got close Zeus threw down his thunderbolts forcing Asopos back to his own river. Aigina have birth to Aiakos, who became the king of the island, Aigina. Eventually, Aigina would marry Aktor, the son of the King Deioneus of Phokis and Diomede. Aigina would and bare Aktor a son Menoitius.


Metope & Asopos

Spouse & Lovers

Zeus (Lover) Aktor (Husband)


Aiakos (by Zeus) Menoitius (by Aktor)

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