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North frieze, showing the Gigantomachy Alektos, Hyperphas and a third Gigante appear on the right side

Alektos was one of the lesser known Gigantes.  He did not have a specific adversary as many of the Gigantes did.  He was however defeated by the combined efforts of either Artermis or Apollo along with Herakles .


Gaia & Tartarus

Siphnian Treasury

While Alektos is one of the more obscure of the Gigantes.  He does appear on the north frieze of the Siphnian Treasury at Delphi (525 BC), which shows the most comprehensive treatment of the sixth century (more than thirty figures, named by inscription).  Alektos is shown among a group of three Gigantes including not only him but Hyperphas and an unnamed Gigante advancing on Apollo and Artemis. 


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