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Either Argês, Brontês or Steropês

Arges (Αργης) was one of the Elder Kyklopes, his name means "Vivid-Flash." Just like the Hekatontries, the Elder Kyklops were tossed into Tartarus by Ouranos because of their appearance. Just as the Hekatontries were good at masonry, the Elder Kyklopes were good blacksmiths. When Zeus, Poseidon and Hades went down to Tartarus they freed the Kylops too. Thankful, the Kyklopses forged weapons for the gods such during the war against The Titans such as Zeus' Lightning Bolts, Poseidon's Trident and Hades' Helm of Darkness (also known as the Helm of Terror).


Despite their skill they could not hold a candle to Hephaistos. When he became an Olympian he became God of the Forge, Hephaistos took over working with metal and building weapons and other metallic things for gods mortals he liked ect...Hephaistos did however recognize talent when he saw it and Arges became one of his assistants he and other Kyklops have been his assistants since.


Gaea & Ouranos



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