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A Giant, also called Asterius, killed by Athena, whose death, according to some accounts, was celebrated by the Panathenaea. Probably the same as the Giant Astarias named on the late sixth century Siphnian Treasury. Probably also the same as Asterus, mentioned in the epic poem Meropis, as an invulnerable warrior killed by Athena.In the poem, Herakles, fighting the Meropes, a race of Giants, on the Island of Kos, would have been killed but for Athena's intervention. Athena kills and flays Asterus and uses his impenetrable skin for her Aegis. Other accounts name others whose hyde provided Athena's aegis. Apollodrus has Athena flay the Giant Pallas while Euripides has Gorgon, here considered to be a Giant, as Athena's victim.


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