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Damasen (Δαμασην) was one of the Gigantes, son of Gaea and Tartaros, born to oppose Ares. However, because Ares was the god of war, bloodlust and bloodshed, his opposite would have been peaceful (as peaceful as a 20 foot tall Giant can be). During the War with the Giants, Damasen was the only that did not fight.


Gaea (Mother) & Tartaros (Father)

Time in Lydia

Damasen lived in Lydia. His most famous deed was the killing of the Maeonian Drakon, which attacked the people of Lydia. One day the Drakon attacked a friend of his. Damasan responded by fighting the Maeonian Drakon, uprooting a tree and slamming it through the Drakon's skull


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