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A demigod is a child of a Greek god and a mortal. Demigods have a few powers relating to their parent on Mt. Olympus. Such as a few daughters of Aphrodite can charmspeak people, while sons or daughters of Poseidon can control the water. Usually demigods become heroes, kings, and the like. Some demigods are evil. A demigod usually inherits some of the gods powers or personality. For example, Hercules is famous for strength and having many lovers. Theseus supposedly brought democracy to Athens. The demigods Heracles, Castor, Semele, Ino, Ariadne, and some others became gods.

Table of demigodsEdit

Demigod Parents
Aeneas Aphrodite, Anchises
Aeacus Zeus, Aegina
Alexander the Great* Zeus, Olympias
Amphion Zeus, Antiope
Arcas Zeus, Callisto
Britomartis Zeus, Karme
Cycnus Ares, Pelopia
Dardanus Zeus, Electra
Semele Harmonia, Cadmus
Castor Zeus, Leda
Epaphus Zeus, Io
Agenor Poseidon, Libya
Pirithous Zeus, Dia
Helen Zeus, Leda
Heracles/Hercules Zeus, Alcmene
Hippolyta Ares, Harmonia(nymph)
Polydorus Harmonia, Cadmus
Lacedaemon Zeus, Taygete
Minos Zeus, Europa
Memnon Eos, Tithonus
Orion Poseidon, Eurale
Orpheus Apollo or Terpsichore
Perseus Zeus, Danae
Rhadamanthus Zeus, Europa
Sarpedon Zeus, Europa
Theseus Poseidon, Aethra, Aegeus
Tityas Zeus, Elara, sometimes Gaea
Pythagoras Apollo, ?
Zethus Zeus, Antiope

* Alexander the Great was the son of Philip and Olympias. To increase Alexander's standing, a myth was created that Olympias was impregnated by Zeus who had taken the form of a serpent.

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