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Eros (Ερος) is the god of love & sexual desire (Eros is the best known and most powerful of the Erotes).

Gods sometimes fear Eros since his arrows could affect god or mortals. He had lovely white wings. His Roman name is Cupid.  

The story Eros is best known for is the tale of Eros & Psykhe.

Eros also played his role in the war against the Giants when he filled one of them with such a lust that the Gigante approached Hera forgetting all about Zeus and Herakles who with bolt and bow slew the Gigante.


Aphrodite (mother) & Ares (father)

Spouse & Lovers

Psykhe (wife)


Hedone (daughter)


Pothos (brother)
Himeros (twin-brother)
Anteros (brother)
Hermaphroditus (half-brother)
Hedylogos (half-brother)
Phobos (brother)
Deimos (brother)
Harmonia (sister)


Gigatomachy Gallery


Eros is seen riding on one of the horses that pull Ares Chariot (which is being driven by Aphrodite)


Eros plays an important part in many stories.

  1. In the story of Apollo and Daphne , Eros makes Apollo fall in love with Daphne, a nymph, who is made (by Eros) to run away from any lovers.
  2. In the story of Eros and Psykhe (Cupid And Psyche:Detailed Version), Eros inadvertantly falls in love with a beautiful maiden named Psykhe while preparing to carry out his mothers will (he was to make Psykhe fall in love with a serpent).


Eros' duties are to shoot people with his love arrows so they could fall in love.  However, he does not only have love arrows, but also hate arrows (as revealed in the story of Apollo's Tree, or Apollo and Daphne).  Without his love arrows, nobody will fall in love with anyone, Aphrodite wouldn't be worshiped, and the world would be a loveless place.

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