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Eurybia (Gr: Ευρυβια) was the goddess of the mastery of the seas. She seems to have presided over the external forces which influenced the main, including the rise of the constellations and seasonal weather, and the power of the winds. Her husband was the Titan Krios, who may have been associated with the constellation Aries, marker of the Greek new year. Her grandchildren all had power over the sea. They included the Anemoi (Winds), the Astra (Stars), Hekate, Selene, Nike, Bia (Force), Kratos (Power), Zelos (Rivalry). Some of these represent human command of the seas: the winds for sailing, stars for navigation, and force, power and victory representing naval supremacy.


Pontos & Gaia

Spouse & LoversEdit

Krios (husband and half-brother)


Astraios, Pallas (Titan), Perses

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