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Feuerbach Gaea

Gaea, Gaia, Ge
Goddess of:
The Earth
The Earth and Fruits
Roman name
Mother Earth

Gaea or Gaia (Ancient Greek: Γαῖα)  was the personification of the Earth itself. She is called the mother to all gods, titans, and monsters, and wife to her son, Ouranos. Her Roman name is "Terra". 



With Ouranus, Gaea had many children. But she had them in batches, usually a different species each time. The first were the Kyklops, the second was the Hekatonkheires and the third were the Titans. Once the Elder Kyklopes and Hekatonkheires were born, Ouranos threw them into Tartarus so he would not be overthrown. Gaea was angry at this, so she fashioned a sickle out of the hardest flint. She went to her children, the Titans, and gave it to them. Kronos, the youngest of them all, took the sickle and convinced four of his brothers to help him kill their father.

Later when Kronos became king she foretold to him a prophecy of his son dethroning him, this led to him not trusting his children, the gods. As each of the Gods were born, he swallowed them whole. Gaea then later convinced his wife Rhea to hide baby Zeus, and when he was older he returned and forced his father to throw up his siblings and together they overthrew him.

When Zeus became king he imprisoned the Titans, Gaea grew mad and together with her new husband Tartarus had the Typhon and sent him to dethrone Zeus. The gods won this. Her final attempt to dethrone Zeus was telling him that his next son by Metis would dethrone him, leading Zeus to swallow a pregnant Metis; causing Athena to spring out of his head.



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