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Copy of part of a Black Figure Amphora showing by name Hyperbios & Agasthenes against Zeus, the fallen giant Ephialtes as well as Harpolykos against Hera

Harpolykos was one of two Gigantes that Hera killed.  Harpoykos not shown as often as Phoitos though she is shown on one side of a Black figure Amphora which was dated somewhere between 575 B.C. to  525 B.C.  she is shown on the far left stabbing Harpolykos with a knife or sword while her husband faced off against Hyperbios and Agasthenes.  The fallen Ephialtes (who had been killed by the unpictured Apollo) is also shown.


Gaia & Tartaros


Fighting against the Gigantes Phoitos and Harpolykos  in the  Gigantomakhia was the first time Hera ever directly involved herself in the attempts to destroy enemies (sending a Crab to distract Herakles during his second labor.


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