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The Hekatonkheires (or The Hundred Handed Ones) were three gods of violent storms and hurricanes. They were the sons of Ouranos and Gaia. They were giants and they possessed great strength and could even pick up mountains. They had one hundred hands and fifty heads. At their birth, Uranus locked them away in Tartarus, but they were later released by Zeus in the Titanomachy. The name Hekatonkheires means "the Hundred-Handed Ones". Their names were Briareos, Kottus, and Gyes.


Briareos or Briareus was the brother to Kottus and Gyes. He was also the husband of Kymopoleia and father of Oiolyke. His name means "the Strong One".


Kottus was the brother to Briareos and Gyes. His name means "He Who Holds a Grudge".


Gyes was the brother of Briareos and Kottus. His name means "Of the Land".

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