Hippasus of Eurytas was one of the heroes who went on the Kalydonian Boar Hunt. The Roman epic poet Ovid and the historian Hygineus give the most description of him in the hunt. Unfortunately Hippasus was fated to die of the hunt. The Kalydonian Boar gored him through the thigh fatally wounding him.


Eurytas & unknown mother

Classical Text

"Oeneus. Since Oeneus, son of Porthaon, king of Aetolia, had made sacrifices yearly to all the gods, but had omitted Diana, she, in anger, sent a Boar of immense size to lay waste the district of Calydon. Then Meleager, son of Oeneus, promised that he would go with chosen leaders to attack it. Those Who Hunted the Calydonian Boar. Castor and Pollux, sons of Jove. Eurytus son of Mercurius . . ((lacuna)) Echion, son of Mercurius. Aesculapius, son of Apollo. Jason, son of Aeson. Alcon, son of Mars, from Thrace. Euphemus, son of Neptunus. Iolaus, son of Iphiclus. Lynceus and Idas, sons of Aphareus. Peleus, son of Aeacus. Telamon, son of Aeacus. Admetus, son of Pheres. Laertes, son of Arcesius. Deucalion, son of Minos. Theseus, son of Aegeus. Plexippus . . ((lacuna)) the sons of Thestius, brothers of Althaea. Hippothous, son of Cercyon. Caeneus, son of Elatus, Mopsus, son of Ampycus. Meleager, son of Oeneus. Hippasus, son of Eurytus. Ancaeus, son of Lycurgus. Phoenix, son of Amyntor. Dryas, son of Iapetus. Eneasimus, Alcon, Leucippus, sons of Hippocoon from Amyclae. Atlanta, daughter of Schoeneus. The States Which Sent Help to Oeneus. Ternedos, Iolcos, Sparta, Pleurone, Messene, Perrhaebia, Phthia, Magnesia, Salamis, Calydon, Thessalia, Oechalia, Ithaca, Tegea, Crete, Dolopia, Athens, and Arcadia. Meleager. The wrath of Diana sent a Boar of huge size to lay waste the district of Calydon, because Oeneus had not made yearly offerings to her. Meleager, with the help of chosen youths of Greece, killed it, and gave the hide to the virgin Atalanta because of her valour Ideus, Plexippus, Lynceus, brothers of Althaea, wished to take it from her. When she asked the help of Meleager, he intervened, and putting love before family relationship, killed his uncles."
- Hyginus, Fabulae 172 - 174

"Sure of his new-honed weapons, his curving snout ripped through the thigh of mighty Eurytides [Hippasus]. But now Gemini (the twins) Kastor (Castor) and Polydeukes (Polydeuces), not stars of heaven as yet, came cantering up, both brothers striking, both on snow-white steeds; and both poised quivering spears with flashing points; they would have wounded him had not the Boar, the bristly brute, reached the dense woodland trees where neither spear nor horse could" penetrate."
- Ovid, Metamorphoses 8. 269 ff


  • In Ovid's Metamorphisis the poet calles Hippasus "Eurytides"
  • While Greek, he appears in the story the most when it was told by Roman poets