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330px-Hercules killing Kakos at his Cave

Herakles killing the fire breathing Giant Kakos (who had taken some of the Cattle of Geryon Herakles had stolen

After Herakles had stolen the Cattle of Geryon, he came to Aventine hill in Italy. At Aventine hill Herakles slept. As Herakles slept, the Giant Kakos came and stole several of the cattle. It was Kaka, Kakos' own sister who told Herakles where he could find Kakos. Kakos would nail the heads of victims to the doors of his cave. Kakos also fed on human flesh.

Herakles stormed towards the cave. A terrified Kakos blocked the entrance with a vast, immoveable boulder, forcing Herakles to tear at the top of the mountain to reach his adversary. Kakos attacked Herakles by spewing fire and smoke, while Herakles responded with tree branches and rocks the size of millstones. Eventually losing patience, Herakles leapt into the cave, aiming for the area where the smoke was heaviest. Herakles grabbed Kakos and strangled the monster.


Hephaistos & Unknown Mother



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