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Kerkyon was the king of Elusis who challenged travelers to a wrestling match. Kerkyon was so sure of himself that he promised half of his kingdom to anyone who could defeat him however none had been able to defend themselves and thus Kerkyon had never lost. He sacrificed the travelers to renew his royal power every year.

Eventually Theseus would come along and be the undoing of the arrogant king. Despite the fact that Kerkyon was a formidable foe Theseus won because of his superior skill. He promptly killed Kerkyon.


Poseidon & Argiope (in some versions he was the son of Hephaistos and an unnamed mother)


  • Alope
  • Hippothous


This was one of the rare occasions where Theseus did not have to use trickery to defeat his foe (as he did with Sinis and Periphetes). Or to have outside help (as he did when Ariadne provided magical string to help Theseus find his way out of the Labyrinth. Theseus won purely with his own ability.