King Laomedon was the father of Priam.  He is known for offending Poseidon, Apollo and Herakles.  Poseidon and Apollo as punishment for offending Zeus were put in the service of Laomedon.  Apollo and Poseidon agreed to build huge impenetrable wall around Troy.  Laomedon promised that when they were done he would reward them.  After they were done Laomedon went back on his word and refused payment.  In retaliation, Apollo sent pestilence and Poseidon sent a sea monster which is appropriately named the Trojan Sea Monster.  Laomedon planned on appeasing Poseidon by sacrificing his daughter Hesione. Fortunately for Hesione Herakles (along with Oikles and Telamon) were in Troy.  Laomedon promised them a team of magic horses if they would save Hesione and kill the Trojan Sea Monster.  Herakles killed the monster with either arrows or fish hooks.  Once again Laomedon broke his word but this time Herakles with his allies lay seige to the city killing Laomedon and all of his sons spare Podarkes (who would later change his name to Priam meaning "to buy) who appeased Herakles by giving him a golden veil made by Hesione.  Telamon would take Hesione as spoils of war and would make her his bride.



Ilus & either Eurydike or

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