200px-Danaïdes tuant leurs maris BnF Français 874 fol. 170v

Klite (Danaid) and the other Danaids killing their husbands on their wedding night

Schmidt Martin Johann-The Danaides

The Danaides

Klite was one of three daughters of Memphis and Danaus (the other two being Sthenele and Khrysippe)  Klite was one of the fifty Daniads who took part in the mass marriage to Aigyptos' sons.  The night of the marriage she and forty-eight of her forty-nine sisters slew their husbands with daggers their father provided to them.


Dadaus & Memphis

Ancient Text

The sons of Egyptus by Tyria got as their wives, without drawing lots, the daughters of Danaus by Memphis in virtue of the similarity of their names; thus Clitus got Clite; Sthenelus got Sthenele; Chrysippus got Chrysippe.