Kyknus was a son of Ares, but was said to be a good friend of Phaethon.


After hearing about Phaeton's death, Kyknus went to look for his body. He dove into a lake and searched down there. Zeus took pity on him and transformed him into a swan and honored him by turning him into the constellation, Kyknus, the Swan or the Northern Cross. Of course, some say that the swan was Zeus in disguise during his little affair with Leda or Nemesis. Because of this myth, some say the reason why swans dip their heads into the water as if they were looking for something. As if Kyknus was trying to look for his friend's body.


  • There were only 3 incidents that occurred separately but all three contain two things in common:

1. They concern someone named Kyknus.

2. Kyknus was turned into a swan.


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