Leitus (Λήιτος) was the son of Alektor (Alektryon) and Polybule or of Lakritus and Kleobule, brother of Klonius, from Boeotia. He is named among the heroes who sailed with the Argonauts. Leitus however is better known for his participation in The Trojan War.

Leitus was one of the suitors of Helen and thus was compelled to fight in the Trojan War. During his time at Troy he killed twenty enemies, including Phylakus. He commanded 12 ships.

Leitus was one of the seven Akhaean leaders (others being Teuker, Thoas, Meriones, Antilokhus, Peneleos and Deipyrus) in front of whom Poseidon appeared during the Trojans' attack on the Akhaean ships, urging them to fight back instead of acting like cowards.

Leitus was also known for being non-fatally wounded by Hektor. In the end, he was the only Boeotian leader to safely return home after the Trojan War.


Alektor (Alektryon) and Polybule or of Lakritus and Kleobule

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