Megaera (Μέγαιρα) whose name means "the jealous one" is one of the three Erinyes (also known as "Furies") in Greek mythology. In addition to Megaira there was also Alêktô and Tisiphonê

Megaera is the cause of jealousy and envy, and punishes people who commit crimes, especially marital infidelity. Like her sisters Alecto and Tisiphone, as well as the Melian Nymphs.

The parentage of Megaira and the other two Erinyes is disputed. They are either the daughters of Gaia by the blood of Ouranos according to Hesiod, Nyx as stated by Aeschyluls, Hades & Persephone mentioned in Orphic Hymns or Poine according to Valerius Flaccus.