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Metis was the Titaness of prudence. She is the mother of Athena.

Myth Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Metis was born to Oceanus and Tethys. She was the first wife of Zeus, as he needed her good advice. She helped him during the Titanomachy, coming up with various plans for him.

After the WarEdit

Zeus had heard from The Oracle of Delphi that Metis would bear a son whom would overtake him once he grows. Zeus could not let this happen. He told her to play a game of changing shapes, and she, forgetting her prudence, accepted. She changed into many animals, but as soon as she turned into a fly, Zeus opened his mouth and ate her.

A childEdit

Months later, Zeus was getting head splitting headaches. The Olympians tried to find out what was happening, but there was no use. Suddenly, his head split open and out came Athena fully armored.

Second HusbandEdit

When Athena was born, Metis was released. Zeus and the Olympians still could not allow a successor to him. Hera suggested for her to marry a mortal, and all accepted. They chose Peleus, due to his loyalty and sincerity.

Children (Immortal)Edit

  • Athena (with Zeus)


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