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Nymphs, (or Nymphai), are nature spirits. There are three main types of Nymphs: Dryads, Nereides, and Oreads. Dryads are tree Nymphs. Nereides are water Nymphs. Oreads are mountain Nymphs. Meliades are Nymphs of Ash Trees.


ve Nymphs
Groups : AuraiDryadsEleionomaiHaliadHamadryadesKrenaiaiLimnadesMeliaiNaiadesNereidsNymphaiOkeanidsOreiadesPegaiaiPleiadesPotameidesThriai
Unique : AcanthaAmphitriteDorisDryopeEidyiaEkhoHimaliaKhioneMelanippeStyxThaleia
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