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Otos fighting Artemis (right) & Hekate fighting Klytios (left) while another Gigantes is being finished by Artemis' hunting dog Leto (far right) is engaging an unnamed Gigante (depicted on the East frieze of the Pergamin Altar)

Otos (sometimes spelled Otus)  was one of the Gigantes.  He was shot by Artemis and finished off by Herakles.  Otos appears in Hyginus, Fabulae: Preface.


Gaia & Tartarus


Not only are there Gigantes by the names of Otos (first stated by Hyginus) and Ephialtes (first stated by Apollodorus in the Giantes Army but Poseidon had a pair of twin giant sons (different from Gigantes) of the same names who were known as the Aloadae.


ve Gigantes
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