Panopeia (Πανοπεια) was the Nereid Nymph or goddess of the sea's broad panorama. She was probably, as her name indicates, associated with the sighting of land and approaching storms by sailors. Panopeia was one of the few Nereides mentioned repeatedly as a distinct individual. She was often paired with Galateia .


Nereus & Doris

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"Lightly skims the dark-blue chariot [of Poseidon] over the sea's face : . . . then come his retainers . . . on the left are Thetis and Melite and maiden Panopea, Nesaea, too, and Spio, Thalia and Cymodoce." - Virgil, Aeneid 5. 825 ff (trans. Day-Lewis) (Roman epic C1st B.C.)