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Phanes is the primeval god of procreation and the generation of new life. Phanes created life and was the god who put souls into bodies.


Gaea, Erebos, Nyx, Chronos, Eros, Tartarus (Protogenoi), Chaos, Ananke


Phanes was the first ruler ever in the Greek Myths. Phanes passed it to Gaia or Nyx. One of them passed it to Uranus, then Kronos, then Zeus. Zeus then ate Phanes to absorb Phanes' cosmic power.


Phanes was usually shown with golden wings and wrapped in snake coils. Phanes was neither male nor female but hermaphroditic.


  • Phanes had cosmic powers
  • Phanes was invisible to everybody, including the gods


Phanes means "bright to light" or "make appear" from the Greek verb phanao or phaino.

Other Names

  • Phanes is sometimes called Eros (not the love god).

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