Philammon (Ancient Greek: Φιλάμμων) was the son of Chione and Apollo. Some say his mother was Leuconoe, daughter of Eosphoros, or Philonis, daughter of either Deion or of Eosphoros and Cleoboea. He was an excellent musician, a talent he received from his father. By Argiope, a nymph of Mount Parnassos, he had two children, Eumolpus and Thamyris.

Philammon was said to have established the tradition of the hymns celebrating the births of Artemis and Apollo, written by himself, being performed by choruses of girls at Delphi. He was the second winner of the most ancient singing contest at Delphi, after Chrysothemis and before his son Thamyris. Some ascribe to him the foundation of the Lernaean mysteries. He was also reported to have been among the Argonauts.