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The Protogenoi in Greek Mythology, are immortals who were the first beings in existent. The first, and main deity/protogenoi is Khaos, also spelled Chaos.


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From the beginning, there was only an empty chasm, a great bleak darkness that was never-ending, his name was Khaos. After who knows for a how long period of time, Gaea, the personification of the earth rose. Then Tartarus and Eros, who was love. Following them was Erebos, who was darkness and Nyx, who was night. In other myths, Chronos, who was personification of time, produced Aether and Khaos.

Main Protogenoi (in order)

  • Khaos, the great dark abyss.
    • Gaea, the personification of the earth.
      • Ouranos, personification of heaven/upper air.
      • Ourea, personification of mountains.
      • Pontus, personification of the sea.
    • Tartarus, personification of the Underworld.
    • Erebos, personification of darkness.
    • Nyx, personification of the night.
      • Aether, personification of light.


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