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Thisbe - John William Waterhouse
Pyramus was a handsome youth, and Thisbe the fairest maiden, in all of Babylonia, where Semiramis reigned. Pyramus and Thisbe lived in adjoining houses and they loved each other, they were not allowed to meet each other but only talk through a crack in the wall between the two houses. The two decided to meet up a tree. Thisbe reached there at night, she put on a veil so that her family wouldn't see her. Thisbe arrived earlier than Pyramus so she decided to walk around the big tree. Thisbe then saw a lioness with a bloody mouth, she was frightened so she threw her veil on the floor and ran away. The lioness then saw the veil on the ground and rent it with her bloody mouth. When Pyramus came, he could not find Thisbe anywhere and saw the bloody veil. He then thought that she was killed so he decided to kill himself by plunging his sword into his heart. Thisbe thought that the lioness was gone so she went back to the tree. She saw Pyramus's dead body and she killed herself, too. Before she died she said,"I too can be brave for once, and my love is as strong as thine. I will follow thee in death, for I have been the cause; and death, which alone could part us apart, shall not prevent my joining thee. And ye, unhappy parents of us both,deny us not our united request. As love and death have joined us, let one tomb contain us. And thou, tree, retain the marks of slaughter, let thy berries still serve for memorials of our blood." After that she plunged the sword in her chest. Her parents and the gods ratified her wish. The two bodies were buried in one sepulchre and the tree brought forth purple berries as it does to this day.

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