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Pyriphlegethon God of The River Pyriphlegethon (The River of Fire & Blood)

Pyriphlegethon is the god of the Underworld river of fire and blood. In some myths the river Pyriphlegethon could heal people.


Okeanos (father) & Tethys (mother)

Historical Text

"[Kirke advises Odysseus on his journey to the Underworld] `Beach the vessel beside deep-eddying Okeanos and pass on foot to the dank domains of Haides. At the entrance there, the stream of Akheron is joined by the waters of Pyriphlegethon and of a branch of Styx, Kokytos, and there is a rock where the two loud-roaring rivers meet.'"
- Homer, Odyssey 10. 513 (Greek epic C8th B.C.)

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