The Anemoi were a group of gods who ruled over the winds.

The Anemoi are the directional winds. The main winds are Boreas, Zephyros, Notos, and Eurus. There are many minor Anemoi.




  • Oreithyia- Wife
  • Khione and Cleopatra- Daughters
  • Zethes and Calais- Sons


  • Chloris- Wife
  • Karpo, Xanthos, Balios, and Pothos- Children



All Anemoi

Main Anemoi

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Boreas is the god of the north wind and winter. Boreas is depicted as being very strong and has a very short temper. He usually has wings, shaggy hair, and a beard. He usually wore a cloak and had a conch shell. He is also the father of Khione, Zethes, Cleopatra, and Calais by Oreithyia. Calais and Zethes were demigods but were made immortal. His roman name is Aquilo, Aquilon, or Septentrio.


Zephyros is the god of the west wind and spring time. He is the gentlest of the winds. He is married to the goddess of flowers, Chloris, and had Karpo, the goddess of fruit with her. Zephyr also had Balius and Xanthus (the horses of Achilles) with the harpy Podarge. His roman name is Favionus.


Notos is the god of the south wind and summer. He was the bringer of storms in late summer and early autumn. People feared him as he was known as a destroyer of crops. His roman name is Auster.


Euros is the god of the east wind and autumn. He was the bringer of warmth and rain. He is usually depicted as holding a vase pouring water. His roman name is Vulturnus.

Minor Anemoi


All four of the main Anemoi usually had wings and had a cloak that was wrapped around them.