The Aurai (or Aurae) were the nymphs of the breezes. The Aurai were a combination of the daughters of Boreas and the daughters of Okeanos & Tethys. They were named as daughters of the earth-encircling river Okeanos or the north-wind Boreas.  The Aurai who were born to Okeanos were one of the five types of Okeanides, the others being Naiades, Leimonides, Anthousai and Nephele.


Okeanos & Tethys


ve Nymphs
Groups : AuraiDryadsEleionomaiHaliadHamadryadesKrenaiaiLimnadesMeliaiNaiadesNereidsNymphaiOkeanidsOreiadesPegaiaiPleiadesPotameidesThriai
Unique : AcanthaAmphitriteDorisDryopeEidyiaEkhoHimaliaKhioneMelanippeStyxThaleia
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