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The Elder Muses (or Mousai Titanides) were a group of Muses that were similar to the regular Muses but they were titans. There are different names and numbers of the Elder Muses in different myths. Each are listed below.

The Muses

  1. Melete - Practice
  2. Aiode - Song
  3. Mneme - Memory

There is another myth that has four different Elder Muses.

  1. Thelxinoe
  2. Aiode
  3. Arkhe
  4. Melete


  • There are actually three different groups of Muses; The Elder Muses, The Muses, and the Muses Apollonides.
  • Mneme may have been identified with the titaness of memory, Mnemosyne, the mother of the regular muses.

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