The Kalydonian Boar was an enormous boar sent by Artemis to ravage the countryside of Kalydon to punish King Oineus for neglecting her in the offering of the first fruits to the gods.  Many of the Argonauts including Peleus, Jason and even Atlanta were in the hunt.  Ironically the greatest of all Heroes Herakles took no part in the hunt. 


Admetus - the son of Pheres, from Pherae
Akastus - a splendid javelin-thrower
Alkon - one of three sons of Hippocoon or Ares from Amykles in Thrake
Amphiaraus - the son of Oicles, from Argos,
Ankaeus - from Parrhasia, son of Lykurgus
Asklepios - son of Apollo
Atalanta - the daughter of Skoineus, from Arkadia
Deukalion - son of Minos
Dryas of Kalydon - son of Ares
Ekhion - one of the Argonauts
Euphemus - son of Poseidon
Eurytion - accidentally run through with the javelin of Peleus
Eurytus - son of Hermes
Hippasus - son of Eurytus
Hyleus - killed by the boar
Idas - son of Aphareus from Messene
Ioalus - son of Iphicles, nephew of Heracles
Iphikles - the twin of Herakles
Jason - Aeson’s son, from Iolkos
Kaeneus - son of Elatus,
Kepheus - from Arkadia
Kometes The Twin of Prothous and the son of Thestios, Meleager's uncle
Kteatus - son of Aktor
Laërtes - son of Arcesius
Lelex - of Naryx in Locria
Leukippus - one of three sons of Hippocoon or Ares from Amykles in Thrace
Lynkeus - son of Aphareus from Messene
Meleager - son of Oeneus
Mopsus - son of Ampycus
Peleus - son of Aiakos
Phoenix - son of Amyntor
Phyleus - from Elis
Pirithous - son of Ixion, from Larissa, the friend of Theseus
Plexippus - brother of Toxeus, slain by Meleager
Polydeukes - son of Zeus and Leda
Prothous - Twin of Kometes and the son of Thestios, Meleager's uncle
Telamon - son of Aeacus
Theseus - of Athens