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The Muses were nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They were goddesses of entertainment. Their job was to entertain the gods on Mount Olympus. The Muses live on Mt. Helicon. Their names were:

  • Kalliope (Καλλιοπη) - The Muse of Epics and Heroic Poetry
  • Kleio (Κλειω) - The Muse of History
  • Erato - The Muse of Lyric Poetry, Hymns and erotic Poetry
  • Euterpe- The Muse of the Flute and Dionysiac Music
  • Melpomene- The Muse of Tragedy
  • Ourania - The Muse of Astronomy
  • Polyhymnia- The Muse of Solemn Hymns and Religious Dance
  • Terpsikhore - The Muse of Dance
  • Thaleia (Θαλεια) - The Muse of Comedy


When Thamyris, a bard, boasted that he could surpass the Muses in singing, the Muses blinded him and took away his musical and poetical skills.

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