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Thoon clubbed

Thoon and Agrios beaten to death by the Fates

Thoon (also called Thoas) was one of the Gigantes sent to fight the Olympians during the Giant War. Thoon. Supposedly Thoon and Agrios were created to replace The Moirai (The Fates), because The Moirae uncharacteristically left their loom of fate and beat Thoas and Agrios to death with bronze maces. The only other time they left their loom and interfere was to ensure the defeat of Typhoeus.


Gaia & Tartaros


During the Gigantomachia Klôthô, Lakhesis and Atropos emerged to beat Agrios and Thoon to death with bronze maces.

Fates Bronze Mace

bronze mace like the ones the fates used to kill Thoon & Agrius


The emergence of the Moirai is noteworthy because in general they do not interfere with matters. Other than their uncharacteristic interference with the Storm Giant Typhon, their fight in the Gigantomachia was the only other time they left their loom.


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