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    A few days ago, I was reading the unadapted English version of the Odyssey. I would have loved it if it weren't for Homer. Every couple of pages, Homer always talks about how amazing and powerful Zeus is and how wise he is etc etc. It reminded me of Twilight, where every two sentences, Bella talks about how hot Edward is.

    Let me ask you: What is so great about Zeus? I really don't get it "What is so great about ruling the sky???" How does that make you powerful?

    If you look at the epithets of Zeus, most of them are all about "Thunder" and "Lightning" and "Rain". First of, there is nothing much in the Sky, except maybe air.

    In contrast, Poseidon has lot of cool stuff like earthquakes, natural disasters, fishes, oceans, winds etc. In fact, he i…

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  • Kronos300

    There are a lot of debates on who's the most powerful god: Zeus, Poseidon or Hades? This blog is about my verdict on them. Feel free to comment.

    First of all, there are two types of Power: the Influential type and the Supernatural type. So the most powerful god according to you depends on your definition of power.

    Zeus is the most powerful god in terms of influence. After all he's the King of the Gods and was honored in all Greek Cities. Also because most Olympians and gods are either his children or his sisters.

    Poseidon comes next, because he ruled over the oceans (which the Greeks depended on) and was the Protector of Greece. Hence the Greeks both feared and respected him at the same time.

    Hades is the least influential god because he was t…

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