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A few days ago, I was reading the unadapted English version of the Odyssey. I would have loved it if it weren't for Homer. Every couple of pages, Homer always talks about how amazing and powerful Zeus is and how wise he is etc etc. It reminded me of Twilight, where every two sentences, Bella talks about how hot Edward is.

Let me ask you: What is so great about Zeus? I really don't get it "What is so great about ruling the sky???" How does that make you powerful?

If you look at the epithets of Zeus, most of them are all about "Thunder" and "Lightning" and "Rain". First of, there is nothing much in the Sky, except maybe air.

In contrast, Poseidon has lot of cool stuff like earthquakes, natural disasters, fishes, oceans, winds etc. In fact, he is also said to be the Stormbringer and is one of the most powerful gods in Greece.

Hades has even more cool stuff like Zombies, underground, darkness, Cerberus, fabulous riches, the furies and ghosts. His sense of justice is way better than Zeus, and is honorable.

Zeus however, hogs too much of spotlight. He cheats on an unimaginable scale, and stays aloof from mortals for no apparent reason. He committed patricide, filicide and genocide. He is one of the most idiotic gods ever considering some really foolish acts.

Of course, Poseidon and Hades are also known to be villains, but how is Zeus better to become king of Gods?

Really, all he does is hurl thunderbolts, thats all.

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